When storing quilts; refold them often. The folds falling in different places prevent them from causing permanent marks on quilts. Store in pillowcases.
  • After cutting out a quilt project, take your left over fabric & cut into 2.5” strips. 2” squares. 2.5” squares, 3.5” squares & 5” squares. These sizes work well when you are in a pinch to make a quilt in a hurry.
  • Do you forget which part of the quilt you just cut? Write your cutting instructions on a dry erase board. As you cut, erase it and then move on to the next one.
  • Save your selvages for a quilt until you are finished with that quilt. If you run out of fabric you will have all the information needed to purchase more.
  • Used sewing machine needles make great “nails” to hang pictures on a wall. The needles are strong and make only a small hole.
  • When changing your thread on your machine, cut the thread at the spool, and pull the thread out toward the needle. This will avoid fuzzing up the tension disk.


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